Not Using Prebiotics in Your Skincare Regimen? 4 Reasons Why You Should Be!





We've all heard that taking probiotics is great for our gut health. But have you heard about prebiotics and how they're going to change the way you look at skincare?  

It can often be challenging to find a quality, yet affordable skincare range that suits your skin’s needs, and that’s exactly what inspired us to make S’Terra Products, with the addition of prebiotics! We use the unique ingredient of prebiotics to give your skin the best protection and care possible, and we couldn’t shout about the benefits more. Read on!

So, why make the switch?




Prebiotics are super-foods which work to nourish the skin. They naturally cultivate the healthy microbes (probiotics) found on a person's facial and bodily skin. They work to reduce unwanted and damaging bacteria to create a more balanced skin pH. Depending on the severity, these prebiotics work to restore and repair wounds, blemishes and even scars on the skin. You can see why we wanted to incorporate this natural and crucial ingredient into our product range!







Unlike any other ingredient, prebiotics look after our skin’s micro-flora and balance out our skin's micro-biome. We use a specific prebiotic called Biolin/P. Our prebiotics are clinically proven to feed only the beneficial bacteria on your skin, protecting it from the bad bacteria. Our microbiome's are ever changing and we need to help the good guys (good bacteria) in order to have the skin we've always wanted.

The beauty industry has made us believe that we need 1,000 different products for the same problems; but this is not the case! We have specifically incorporated these prebiotics so that they not only nourish the skin, but also change it on a cellular level without harming the skin's natural barriers, oils and composition. We've spent years trying to find the most potent and live prebiotic and have figured out a way to add them into our products WITHOUT the inclusion of water. This is super important because if a product contains water = it needs a preservative. We have found the perfect ratio in order to avoid adding any water or preservatives into our balms and body butters with the addition of this prebiotic! 


We conducted a lot of research into the most beneficial type of prebiotic. Biolin/P can’t be digested by harmful organisms so it acts as a defense for your skin. Hello?! Who wouldn't want that!

Applying prebiotics (superfoods) to skin helps probiotics (healthy bacteria) thrive, providing the following four major benefits:

  • Reduce signs of aging skin
  • Restore a healthy micro-biome balance (this is the good bacteria)
  • Balance your skin pH
  • Reduce redness, dryness, blemishes and rashes
  • Provide hydration to dry/dehydrated skin


 Who can benefit from prebiotic skincare?

In short; everybody! Prebiotics are beneficial to a vast range of skin types, from oily to dry skin, but are particularly beneficial for people with sensitive or eczema prone skin or who have acne, psoriasis, dried or cracked skin due to diabetes or in general. The ingredient has also proven to reduce the effects of dermatitis in children. To find out more about how prebiotics link to vast skin improvement, take a look here.


As you can see, the prebiotics carry benefits that we struggle to find in any other natural product. Our job is to protect and nourish your skin, and that’s exactly what this prebiotic allows us to do.





Our prebiotic skincare range incorporates different strains of prebiotics depending on the product as each one has its own unique benefits. Here are just a few of our prebiotic skincare products we have to offer:


  • Oral Care
  • Body Balms and Body Butters
  • Deodorant (coming soon)
  • Rose Clay Soap (coming soon) 
  • Natural Clay Face Masks (coming soon) 

Our skincare range is always growing and we thrive on caring for your skin. Keep up to date with our latest ranges by signing up to our newsletter today or get in touch if you have any questions about our products and our use of prebiotics!