About S’Terra Products

With great excitement I am welcoming you to our home! My name is Margarita and I am a New York State Licensed Esthetician.

After working in the field for many years, I became very disappointed by the lack of natural, quality products. I began my own research to create skin care products that would be of the highest quality, using only natural ingredients and to be affordable for anyone to use.

After a ton of research, trial and error, I discovered many differences in ingredients with the same names. For example, not all essential oils are created equally. I began experimenting in my own kitchen with different types of naturally derived and extracted oils, different types of charcoals, sea salts, organic ingredients, such as oatmeal, jojoba, avocado, Shea butter, and so forth in an effort to create the best balance of ingredients that anybody can use.

After many tries my soap bars were born. To perfect the recipe I used them on myself and gave to family
members to try. After receiving positive feedback and great results I decided that I wanted to share these wonderful products with the world.

After my soap bars, I continued to create more natural products. Some of them include: lotions, body butters, oral health products, hair care products and chapsticks. There is always something new in the works!

After once again, receiving even more positive feedback, I decided to create my own brand. I called it S’Terra. “S” stands for the sun and for the beginning sound of my Hebrew name, Esther. Terra means “Earth”. You pronounce it -Es-terra-. I hope these products will help your family with any of their skin issues as it did for mine. Our mission is to make you glow from the inside, out!

With gratitude,


Founder and CEO of S’Terra Products