Angela I.


California , Great Line of Products

I have never been the girl to use a whole bunch of creams, or have that one line that I stick to, or have any line that I stick to. I’ve always had an allergy to many many soaps that I have tried, as well as other skin products. When I was recommended the night cream and then ordered some of the soaps on my own, I wasn’t sure what to expect, though the advice came from a very resourceful person. It has now been some time since I’ve been using the product, my skin came to life, and I’ve never been so happy to use soap in my whole entire life! God bless you guys for the amazing big deal that you have created here! Keep coming up with new formula! I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know…
Arkady K



I have been using several products including Soaps, Creams and lip balm. Let me tell you one thing, the soap is unbelievably powerful on fats and oils, it can remove all the build up of oils not just on your body or scalp, but on household items and clothes. I use it to clean my shirts collar before i give it to dry clean cause those spots never go away without it. it’s a really deep cleaning product and all natural. When it comes to Lotions, I’ve used it on my son who had really bad eczema due to dry skin and I’ve tried other products, but none of them moisturized his skin enough. Few days of the hydration cream and his skin became normal in cold dry winter like it is during summer days. So far anything I’ve tried left me impressed with quality, simplicity and usability.