Angela I.


California , Great Line of Products

I have never been the girl to use a whole bunch of creams, or have that one line that I stick to, or have any line that I stick to. I’ve always had an allergy to many many soaps that I have tried, as well as other skin products. When I was recommended the night cream and then ordered some of the soaps on my own, I wasn’t sure what to expect, though the advice came from a very resourceful person. It has now been some time since I’ve been using the product, my skin came to life, and I’ve never been so happy to use soap in my whole entire life! God bless you guys for the amazing big deal that you have created here! Keep coming up with new formula! I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know…
Arkady K



I have been using several products including Soaps, Creams and lip balm. Let me tell you one thing, the soap is unbelievably powerful on fats and oils, it can remove all the build up of oils not just on your body or scalp, but on household items and clothes. I use it to clean my shirts collar before i give it to dry clean cause those spots never go away without it. it’s a really deep cleaning product and all natural. When it comes to Lotions, I’ve used it on my son who had really bad eczema due to dry skin and I’ve tried other products, but none of them moisturized his skin enough. Few days of the hydration cream and his skin became normal in cold dry winter like it is during summer days. So far anything I’ve tried left me impressed with quality, simplicity and usability.
Yelena K.


Brooklyn, NY

Dear STERRA! I have been using your line for the last 2 years now. I started out with coconut soap to help my baby with diaper rash. Then got your skin care. My favorites are the Moroccan soaps for acne prone skin, moisturizing repair cream for face and body over night, aloe Vera lotion for daytime and under makeup. Your oil blends are amazing! We put a drop in our nose and ears daily for the whole family. Also the oil blend for aches and pains we use for our sore throats! Just love the products!!!
Kim M.


Queens NY

I’ve been a S’Terra products customer since they began. I started with their soaps–I use them all!–and was happy when they expanded the line to include lotions and oral care. I’ve bought the soap for friends and family members who suffered for years from dry skin patches that cleared up when they started using S’Terra spa soaps; now they too are customers for life. I also love that S’Terra keeps their product line fresh with new and practical items like the travel size soap and lotion. It means I never have to risk leaving my beloved S’Terra products behind when I travel! Thank you S’Terra! (Customer for life!)
Irina K.


Brooklyn, NY, Back Ache Miracle!

Hey all. Just want to simply say this is a “One stop site” for all of your oral, facial, skin and hair health concerns. I love products that were made to work with our delicate internal/ external health!! I use all of the spa bars for not only for my hair, body and face but for my 2 kiddos as well. My kids enjoy playing with the flower designed bars. I have been using them for 2 years and I saw the difference right away. My eldest daughter’s hair thickened!! and grew longer, faster. My hair began to strengthen and fell out a lot less (that’s huge for me) they began to grow much faster than usual. That’s the result I saw in my family from these bars. They cleansed the scalp pores from all the previous so called “natural” shampoos with hidden unhealthy ingredients, I have been trying which didn’t allow our hair become hair, after that process (2 months cleanse) hair is truly healthy, strong hair. Thank you S’Terra products for giving me lively hair after dry and damaged hair!!
Marina K.


Queens, NY, Hair Soap Review

I must say, I am super surprised. I had severe lower back pain a few days back. I couldn’t move and felt helpless. I didn’t have anything available to help relieve my pain and with 2 small kids running around I really felt at a total loss. I decided to call my sister and she recommended I use the Balsam Multi-Purpose Reliever Oil. After I rubbed some on my back, I was able to actually move and do things around the house. It was a miracle. Honestly, I never thought something I use for internal use, can also help me on an external level, let alone on my very painful lower back.

I highly recommend these products. Can’t imagine what I would have done until the end of the day without being able to move. Thank You sooo much for such a product!!

Zina T.


New York, NY, Hand Creams!!!!!

Amazed!! My friend kept telling me about this company and these products for a while and I kept ignoring her; thinking nothing works to a full extent. Boy was I wrong. First I used a few soaps for my daughters skin. She is only 5 years old and her skin has eczema. After using these soaps when I would wash her in the shower I have noticed her skin felt much smoother and she wasn’t itching as much. Also, I probably bought all the hand creams that this company has. I am in love. I use it for my kids skin every morning and night. I started seeing results! My kids skin became very soft and the soothing and the natural ingredients in those creams prevented my daughter from itching for good!
Ann Marie G.


Flushing, NY, Wife Tested, Hubby Approved!

OMG, Iooveee these products. I use them all day every day for my face, neck and hands. I use the creams under my makeup. I also put the cream all over my face, under eyes and neck before I go to bed. I absolutely love the way my skin feels. I don’t see wrinkles. My skin is always radiant. I just love these products. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome.
Will order more soon!!!
John Y.


Bronx, NY, Hand Creams!!!!

What can I say. I had my wife bring me the hair mask for my hair to use every time before I take a shower. I noticed my hair stopped falling out and my hair felt so different. So alive and it looked like my head actually started to look full. I feel like I sound like a girl but, I just had to share. I really like the hair products. Will definitely get more of the hair rejuvenating oil. Should go thank my wife. I never thought I would like something natural. But I read the ingredients, did my research and can understand why it has its effect.


Thank you S’Terra Products!

Irina T.


Brooklyn, NY

Why can’t all natural brands include real ingredients like this company cared to do?! My T-zone was always oily and cheeks dry. On top of that, I’m very sensitive and allergic to most “natural” products out there. My Dr. said my skin is aging! I mean come on I am only 28! I started to do my research and I found S’Terra Products. They’re not very well known so I was a little skeptical at first. I put that all aside and I went ahead and bought their charcoal bar which came with a small sponge that I used on my face. Afterwards, I used the most gentle lotion they have which is called Silky Lotion and OMG what a transformation!!! Finally, I put the hydrating cream over night and about 2-3 weeks later I noticed my wrinkles are disappearing as well…unbelievable!!! I mean I have no words! That’s not all, on top of my purchase I received gifts…who’s going to complain about that? Thank you for your honesty S’Terra Products!
Tiffany Y.


Queens NY, Skin Saving Products

I have been using S’Terra Products since I was horrifically burned by a citronella candle at a BBQ. After my burns healed, the texture of my skin was very rough, dry, and the pigmentation was very off. I had gone to GNC, Amazon, and have used many products for my skin to come back to life. Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Bio Oil, Vitamin E ointment from GNC, and many other products did not help me get back the feel of what my skim used to feel like. I then tried the Hydra Body Butter for 1 week in the morning and at night and my skin was already different. I live and breathe S’Terra products!
Ericka P.


New York, NY

I came across the Sterra line when I was in desperate need of something to help my severely dry skin. I have used a variety of expensive department store products and none have worked as well as Sterra. After a few days of using the Charcoal & Sea Salt bar and the Ultra Repair Beeswax Cream, I noticed a huge difference. Since then, I have tried several other Sterra products, including the lip balm and other bath bars and they are all terrific. All leave my skin refreshed and moisturized and improve texture. These are amazing products.
Aly E.


Queens NY, Skin Saving Products

Absolutely love the lotion and lip balm that I was given as a birthday gift this year! The lip balm is my go to product, I never leave home without it! It keeps my skin soft and moisturized all day long!