Facial Sponge


Facial sponges help clean your face better than your hands or a towel would!


The fibres in the sponge help unclog blocked pores that your hands or a wash cloth could never do. They also reduce the spread of bacteria from using your hands. The same goes with using makeup sponges rather than brushes.
You do need to care for them properly though, squeezing out excess water and leaving to dry.

Goodbye dead skin cells! The sponges lightly exfoliate your skin, but they are also gentle on your face. By using circular motions, this helps stimulate new skin growth for glowing skin. This exfoliation also prepares the skin for a mask, so it's perfect to use for a pamper night.

Dry skin, oily skin, you name it, You can use one daily without irritating your skin.

Don’t forget to add this into your beauty routine so that your skin glows! 


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